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Body Armor Dealer Support to Earn State Contracts

Earning state contracts can be a large portion of any body armor retailers store sales. To earn these state contracts for the procurement of body armor by any given state, a retailer of concealable and tactical body armor needs fast and reliable manufacturer support. We at Affordable Body Armor are currently seeking state contracts on our own, however, Affordable Body Armor believes that this is a team effort including manufacturer, representatives and retail stores.

Our goal is to provide law enforcement agencies with an affordable body armor resource that does not only focus on price. Delivery is another important part of the procurement of body armor, while affordable prices are important, receiving the orders quickly and within a reasonable amount of time is paramount. Many current lead times to receive body armor orders is almost 8-10 weeks, this is unacceptable to us. To address this issue, we have streamlined our manufacturing process to deliver the orders of our body armor to a third of the industries standard delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

With all the improvements to faster delivery that we have made, it is still not enough. Currently we are seeking body armor dealers that have a similar code of ethics in mind. Quality, Comfort & Price, while are important elements of the product itself, we believe that our retailers help make this fact by supporting the individual officers needs when they purchase body armor. Taking the correct measurments to reduce reworks, supplying the completed orders on-time and quickly, allowing new users of our products a first hand opportunity to touch and feel our products and being able to answer questions are another important aspect of building the Affordable Body Armor brand.

Do you want to learn how your store can be the source of Affordable Body Armor for your state contracts? Contact us today and we would be happy to discuss how you can become a body armor dealer or affiliate. Let's work together and provide your customers with more selection and faster delivery of their body armor orders.

Be the location that sells Affordable Body Armor. Don't make excuses and have to explain to your customers that it'll be a while before your they receive their order. If customers have not come into your store asking about "Affordable Body Armor", you can be assured that they will. It will only be a matter of time.

Support a body armor manufacturer that believes "MADE IN USA" means something by building American made products and creating American jobs, choose Affordable Body Armor™.

Body Armor Ballistic Data and Brand Comparison Charts

Before you buy body armor, understanding the body armor ballistic data that determines the body armor's performance will help you make the right choice. Affordable Body Armor is focused on one thing, that is, delivering the highest performing body armor with the best value.

Honestly, we are not here to dazzle you with branding BS, we will leave that up to other manufacturers who inflate their prices to convince you their brand has something more to offer other than marketing hype.

The developer of the Affordable Body Armor brand, knows the story of marketing, after being the marketing director for some of the body armor industries biggest brands, he's decided to develop the Affordable Body Armor brand of bullet proof vests without hype and vowed to cut through the marketing hype.

To bring you up to speed on body armor brands, body armor ballistic data and their performance, let's take this ballistic chart and compare some of the industries best brands to Affordable Body Armor.







Affordable Body Armor

 5 Star Series

Armor Express


Gator Hawk


 American Body Armor

Xtreme Series FC01

 Second Chance

 Monarch® Series

Thinness/Weight 0.255 inches /1.19 lbs/ft 0.32 inches /1.53 lbs/ft 0.26 inches / 1.43 lbs/ft  0.288 inches / 1.19 lbs/ft  0.301 inches / 1.27 lbs/ft
.357 V-50  1,860 fps 1,810 fps 1,971 fps  1,938 fps  1,818 fps
.44 MAG V-50  1,699 fps 1,661 fps 1,775 fps  1,725 fps  1,681 fps
44 MAG BFS 35.4mm 37.5mm 36.5mm  NA  NA
 NIJ 06 Certified YES  YES YES   YES  YES
Model  XP3A-10  FMS-A-IIA 063AM5  BA-3A00S-XT02 BA-3A00S-MR01
MSRP Custom Fit: $624.00
Standard Fit: $600.00
$988 $1412.50 $846 $1,090

 Are you ready to get the best value possible?


 Want to know more about threat levels?

Body Armor Ballistic Threats Defined

Body Armor Care & Maintenance

Threats & Protections Levels of your Body Armor System

Affordable's Body Armor systems are designed to meet the highest standards required by the national Institute of Justice and even more importantly Affordable's strict levels of protection. Your recent purchase of either a concealable or tactical body armor system was designed to meet your specific ballistic requirements and to provide you with long lasting comfort and fit. The ballistic package you have chosen is clearly marked on your label as "Threat level" and should easily be reviewed by viewing your ballistic panels.

Concealable Body Armor: Your concealable soft body armor system is designed for everyday use and is will protect you against most handgun threats. Affordable's personal soft body armor systems are not designed to protect the wearer against rifle fire. Higher velocities and different rifle ballistic threats will require additional levels of protection through ceramic plates or other ballistic panel inserts.

According to the National Institute of Justice, "It is absolutely essential that those who select body armor and each officer who wears it realize that there is no such thing as a bulletproof vest. The routine use of appropriate soft body armor significantly reduces the likelihood of fatal injury, but 100-percent protection in all circumstances is impossible. Body armor selection is to some extent a trade-off between ballistic protection and wearability. The weight and comfort of soft body armor is inversely proportional to the level of ballistic protection that it provides. All departments should strive to select armor that their officers will wear, consistent with their ballistic protection requirements, and should insure that each officer knows and understands the protection that it affords, as well as its limitations. Body armor that is not worn provides no protection."

Inspection of your Body Armor

1. Once you receive your Affordable body armor system, carefully inspect the ballistic model, carrier style and all other accessories to ensure your order is correct.

2. Contact your source of acquisition if there are any issues with your armor system or general order.

3. Once confirmed you may consider marking your armor system to ensure your body armor is not confused with another.

Alterations & Exchange Process

Affordable takes pride in ensuring that your body armor system fits perfectly once delivered. In some cases to ensure a proper fit a body armor system may require alterations, an alteration can be completed by following these instructions.

1. Contact your source of acquisition within 30 days after original order ship date to receive your FREE available alterations.

2. The returned armor must remain unmarked and in original condition.

3. Most alterations will be completed within 10 days of receipt of the returned "Like New" product. Each alteration request must be accompanied by detailed alteration and resizing documentation.

4. Alteration fees may apply if the body armor system is returned after 30 days from the original receipt of order.

Body Armor Ballistic Threats

Affordable Body Armor conducts strict tests on all of it's body armor systems, but beyond our ballistic threat quality tests, Affordable Body Armor enlists the National Institute of Justice to confirm and independently certify all of our body armor products.

Affordable Body Armor products are all tested and proven to be of quality based on the world renowned verification testing performed by the NIJ. The NIJ is a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice and has established standards for the body armor industry to ensure a certified NIJ body armor system has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effectively bullet resistant.

When planning to buy body armor, understanding the NIJ threat levels and which ballistic threats each level is meant to protect against is essential to your personal body armor selection. The NIJ standards include levels such as Level II, Level IIIA, Level III and Level IV standards.

Below is a guide to help you understand which ballistic threat and NIJ level it protects the wearer against.

Level II

Level IIIA

Level IV

Protects against 9 mm FMJ and .357 JSP

Protects against the .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose and .44 Magnum Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point.

Protects against .30-caliber armor piercing (AP).

Comment: This would be our minimal recommendation for ballistic threat protection. Level II provides a cost effective level of protection while providing comfortable wearability, but only provides minimal blunt force trauma protection.

Comment: This Level IIIA ballistic level provides superior blunt force trauma protection and protects the wearer against other uncommon ballistic threats. For individuals interested in body armor this is our most common recommendation.

 Comment: Achieving this level of Ballistic threat protection requires the addition of a ballistic plate. Ballistic plates are available in several types of materials that range from lighter weight - higher cost to heavier - lower costs.


Concealable Carrier Color Tooltip
Soft Trauma Pad Sizes Tooltip
Hard Trauma Pad Sizes Tooltip

How to Measure for Concealable Body Armor

How to Measure for concealable Body Armor: In the case an Affordable Body Armor representative cannot get to your location or if your interested in speeding up the delivery process of your new body armor order, it may require you to provide Affordable Body Armor with correct the measurements to complete your body armor order form. These steps also included within our measurement form will walk you through the body armor measuring process.

You can also download the entire concealable body armor measurement form here.

First, a few things to adhere too when measuring your body armor is...

1. Make sure you have someone else measure for you, do not attempt to measure yourself.

2. Be precise when making your measurements and make sure you complete all that are required.

3. Do not overmeasure or undermeasure, either of those will result in a poor fitting body armor system.

4. When measuring for body armor, make sure you wear all of your work gear. Wear what you wear to work on a day to day basis.

5. Do not adjust your duty belt, if applicable, make sure your duty belt is resting wear it normally would.

6. When sitting measurements are requested. Sit comfortably, don't sit up straighter than you normally would.


Step(1: Full Chest Body Armor Measurement - Complete while Standing

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure avound your back, place the tape high up under your arms, basicalny in your armpits, move the tape across the widest part of your chest. Try to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor and use cation to prevent the tape from dropping on your back.


Step 2: Thorax Body Armor Measurement - Complete while Standing

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure around your back, similiar to above but down equal to your biceps, move the tape across your chest under your breast muscle, across the sternum. Again try to#keep the tape parallel to the floor.


Step 3: Upper Abdominal Body Armor Measurement - Complete while Standing

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure around your back, at approximately elbow height and across`the bottom of your ribcage. Once again, keep the tape parallel to the floor.


Step 4: Lower Abdominal / Stomach Body Armor Measurement - Complete while Standing

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure around your back over your kidney area. This is an extremely important measurement. Make sure you make this measurement at least 1" above the belt and over your naval. Again, keep the tape parallel to the floor.


Step 5: Back`Body Armor Measurement - Complete while Standing

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure from the base of your collar down the length of your spine to the top of your belt. The collar base could be either from a t-shirt, dress shirt or polo type shirt.


The last and final body armor measurement is a two step process.


Step 6A: Front Torso Body Armor Measurement - Complete While Standing

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure from the clavical depression down to the top of your belt. The clavical depression is that area located at the base of your throat, the "V" notch, measure from there down over the sternum and abdomin to the top of the belt.


Step 6B: Front Torso Body Armor Measurement - Complete While SITTING

This step is the same as above but needs to be completed while you are sitting.


*DO NOT calculate your measurements while wearing any existing body armor.


Once you complete the above body armor measurements, you can submit them to us via fax or email with your purchase of our custom fit body armor.

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