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Body Armor Dealer Support to Earn State Contracts

Earning state contracts can be a large portion of any body armor retailers store sales. To earn these state contracts for the procurement of body armor by any given state, a retailer of concealable and tactical body armor needs fast and reliable manufacturer support. We at Affordable Body Armor are currently seeking state contracts on our own, however, Affordable Body Armor believes that this is a team effort including manufacturer, representatives and retail stores.

Our goal is to provide law enforcement agencies with an affordable body armor resource that does not only focus on price. Delivery is another important part of the procurement of body armor, while affordable prices are important, receiving the orders quickly and within a reasonable amount of time is paramount. Many current lead times to receive body armor orders is almost 8-10 weeks, this is unacceptable to us. To address this issue, we have streamlined our manufacturing process to deliver the orders of our body armor to a third of the industries standard delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

With all the improvements to faster delivery that we have made, it is still not enough. Currently we are seeking body armor dealers that have a similar code of ethics in mind. Quality, Comfort & Price, while are important elements of the product itself, we believe that our retailers help make this fact by supporting the individual officers needs when they purchase body armor. Taking the correct measurments to reduce reworks, supplying the completed orders on-time and quickly, allowing new users of our products a first hand opportunity to touch and feel our products and being able to answer questions are another important aspect of building the Affordable Body Armor brand.

Do you want to learn how your store can be the source of Affordable Body Armor for your state contracts? Contact us today and we would be happy to discuss how you can become a body armor dealer or affiliate. Let's work together and provide your customers with more selection and faster delivery of their body armor orders.

Be the location that sells Affordable Body Armor. Don't make excuses and have to explain to your customers that it'll be a while before your they receive their order. If customers have not come into your store asking about "Affordable Body Armor", you can be assured that they will. It will only be a matter of time.

Support a body armor manufacturer that believes "MADE IN USA" means something by building American made products and creating American jobs, choose Affordable Body Armor™.