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Body Armor Care & Maintenance

Threats & Protections Levels of your Body Armor System

Affordable's Body Armor systems are designed to meet the highest standards required by the national Institute of Justice and even more importantly Affordable's strict levels of protection. Your recent purchase of either a concealable or tactical body armor system was designed to meet your specific ballistic requirements and to provide you with long lasting comfort and fit. The ballistic package you have chosen is clearly marked on your label as "Threat level" and should easily be reviewed by viewing your ballistic panels.

Concealable Body Armor: Your concealable soft body armor system is designed for everyday use and is will protect you against most handgun threats. Affordable's personal soft body armor systems are not designed to protect the wearer against rifle fire. Higher velocities and different rifle ballistic threats will require additional levels of protection through ceramic plates or other ballistic panel inserts.

According to the National Institute of Justice, "It is absolutely essential that those who select body armor and each officer who wears it realize that there is no such thing as a bulletproof vest. The routine use of appropriate soft body armor significantly reduces the likelihood of fatal injury, but 100-percent protection in all circumstances is impossible. Body armor selection is to some extent a trade-off between ballistic protection and wearability. The weight and comfort of soft body armor is inversely proportional to the level of ballistic protection that it provides. All departments should strive to select armor that their officers will wear, consistent with their ballistic protection requirements, and should insure that each officer knows and understands the protection that it affords, as well as its limitations. Body armor that is not worn provides no protection."

Inspection of your Body Armor

1. Once you receive your Affordable body armor system, carefully inspect the ballistic model, carrier style and all other accessories to ensure your order is correct.

2. Contact your source of acquisition if there are any issues with your armor system or general order.

3. Once confirmed you may consider marking your armor system to ensure your body armor is not confused with another.

Alterations & Exchange Process

Affordable takes pride in ensuring that your body armor system fits perfectly once delivered. In some cases to ensure a proper fit a body armor system may require alterations, an alteration can be completed by following these instructions.

1. Contact your source of acquisition within 30 days after original order ship date to receive your FREE available alterations.

2. The returned armor must remain unmarked and in original condition.

3. Most alterations will be completed within 10 days of receipt of the returned "Like New" product. Each alteration request must be accompanied by detailed alteration and resizing documentation.

4. Alteration fees may apply if the body armor system is returned after 30 days from the original receipt of order.