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We at Affordable Body Armor are on a mission to prove that we are the most affordable source for body armor in the USA. Our mission is to provide every law enforcement officer or anyone in harms way with the most comfortable NIJ 06 certified body armor system available.

Our products meet strict standards, are NIJ 0101.06 Certified and utilize today's cutting edge ballisitc technologies.

Profit is a goal of our business, but saving the lives of first responders, military professionals, police officers and civilians is our top priority, so much that we are willing to sacrifice profit to ensure the safety of a father, mother, son, daughter or loved one.

We are determined to strike a balance between corporate goals, stability for our employees who help make these products and value for our customers who wear them, while managing to operate a business that can provide certified products and finance the development of new ballistic technologies.

What is the Affordable Body Armor Price Match Guarantee?

Our price match guarantee is simply really... In an effort to allow consumers the chance to wear, test and feel the quality of our products.

Until further notice, we guarantee to do everything possible to meet or beat prices offered by any US body armor reseller, government state contract or approved bid.

Find a better price on a comparable NIJ 06 Certified body armor system and we will beat it!

NOT SURE IF YOUR PURCHASE QUALIFIES? Simply contact us and we will help.

*This offer is available to all Law enforcement professionals, first responders, medical personel, firearms instructors, security professionals and law abiding citizens.

Affordable Body Armor Focused on Fast Delivery - PRESS RELEASE

Affordable Body Armor

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 Affordable Body Armor Focused on Fast Delivery


ORLANDO FLORIDA - Affordable Body Armor™ announced today that they are now offering a concealable body armor system that rivals industry standard delivery times without added costs. Focused on quality, comfort and price Affordable Body Armor manufacturers all their concealable, tactical and ballistic products in the USA.

"We are extremely proud to manufacture all our body armor in the USA, but getting our products in the hands of our customers as soon as possible after they order them is extremely important." stated Robert Busse Affordable Body Armor's Sales and Marketing Manager.

Affordable Body Armor offers NIJ 0101.06 certified body armor at affordable pricing with an even larger focus on fast delivery times. Recently, Affordable Body Armor announced via that it will continue to focus on the rapid delivery of custom fit body armor orders received, with the completion of orders ready for delivery with an average of just seven days. Affordable Body Armor will continue to build its reputation as an affordable resource for NIJ 06 certified body armor delivered in a timely manner at a fair and reasonable price.

Faster delivery time does not sacrifice product quality, as all parts of their concealable and tactical body armor systems are manufactured in the USA, utilizing today's highest quality ballistic fabrics. Affordable Body Armor constructs their NIJ 06 certified packages using 100% DuPont® Kevlar® and external carriers with durable, moisture wicking fabrics. For more information contact your local body armor dealer or contact Affordable Body Armor directly.

About Affordable Body Armor
Affordable Body Armor offers certified body armor systems which include both concealable and tactical body armor products. Founded by a body armor industry marketing professional who believes delivering body armor to law enforcement professionals at affordable prices and without long manufacturing times is the foundation for a successful body armor brand.

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