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Best Body Armor Carriers - Affordable Basic and Advanced Armor Carriers

In many cases body armor carriers will need to be replaced long before the bulletproof vest ballistic panels, in that case, Affordable Body Armor offers a pair of economically priced concealable body armor carriers.

We offer two several types of body armor carriers that are all affordably priced, each system can accommodate not only Affordable Body Armor's ballistic panels but many other manufacturers, like Safariland, Pointblank, PACA and many of the best body armor carrier brands.

Below is a basic outline of each of our best body armor carriers. Included are our two main concealable body armor carriers, adaptable external tactical body armor carriers and specialized armor carriers designed to meet the needs of EMS, Firearms Instructors and more.

Basic Concealable Armor Carrier: Our basic body armor carrier that ships with all of our concealable body armor systems is 100% made in the USA and uses durable materials that ensure a long lasting product. To learn more about our basic armor carrier visit our body armor catalog.

Advanced Concealable Armor Carrier: Affordable Body Armor's Advanced armor carrier boast the same durable materials combined with even more. The Advanced concealable body armor carrier offers moisture wicking materials and extra comfort in the shoulder area. More information about our advanced concealable armor carriers can be found in our body armor catalog.

Tactical Outer Armor Carrier: Often achieving a tactical advantage means inserting your ballistic panels in a tactical armor carrier. Our tactical outer shell which is covered in MOLLE, allows you to add almost any type of pouch, from radio pouches, utility pouches, mag pockets and more. Giving you the level IIIA protection we offer in our ballistic packages with just about any type of tactical gear you can attach to the front or back of this tactical armor carrier. More information about out Tactical armor carriers can be found in our body armor catalog.

Affordable Police Equipment

Affordable Body Armor understands that many police officers and police departments can't afford the expense of purchasing police equipment. Therefore we make every effort to help law enforcement professionals and smaller police departments acquire police equipment at affordable prices.

Bottom line is, we are not here to play pricing games, we provide quality body armor products for fair prices to all we serve.

Affordable body armor offers deep discounts specific to law enforcement professionals, upon the purchase of your police equipment from Affordable Body Armor you will be requested to prove your employment with or representation of an agency. Once you've establish your employment, Affordable Body Armor offers from 30% up to 50% off of retail pricing for tactical and concealable body armor, body armor accessories and other police equipment.

If you are a police officer or law enforcement professional we encourage you to Contact Us for your special "police equipment discount code". Once your employment is confirmed we will email you a coupon code that never expires and could save you or your department as much as 35% off all of our police equipment.

Would a professional football player play without a helmet?

Does a NASCAR Driver race without the proper safety restraints?

We believe that every law enforcement professional should be able to afford body armor and we follow through on that belief by offering the best prices possible. We do not sell inferior products and assure our customers that all of our products adhere to the strict standards of the National Institute of justice (when applicable). Affordable Body Armor takes great pride in saving lives, so don't hesitate to Contact Us, we are here to help make police equipment affordable.

After receiving your police equipment discount you will simply enter that code when you purchase products from Affordable Body Armor and your discount will be IMMEDIATELY applied to your cart upon checkout!

Visit our online catalog of police equipment.

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